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Farrowing Piglets

On September 26, 2019 Elthel gave birth to adorable piglets! The first 4 were born 15 minutes apart each. Unfortunately we had a stillborn boar and we did everything we could to revive him and we were unsuccessful. The first 3 were delivered before my husband made it home so there I was dealing with a protective mama who didn't want me near her at all. Needless to say it was a challenge to get the piglets from her as they were born. So I didn't understand something I know was told to me... pigs have 2 long horns of the womb therefore 2 placentas! To my surprise after we had the first 3 live piglets and passed placenta about an hour later here came another piglet. I'm so glad we were in the barn when it happened! I was fortunate to have a wonderful woman name Kelley be my "birthing coach" throughout the entire thing. Kelley is a wealth of knowledge on everything KuneKune.

I never saw the exact date of when those babies were "made" so I only had the dates for the days Herbie and Ethel were together do go off of for the due date. I was up every 2 hours for 3 nights straight checking on Ethel and waiting for the piglets to be born.

We feel very lucky to have 4 happy healthy piglets and sow.

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