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Starting a new farm

We moved from California on 2 acers to Reno Nevada on 14 acers. It never crossed my mind to start a full farm until we had the space. In California we had large gardens and multiple fruit trees, 4 KuneKune pigs and some chickens with the 2 livestock guarding (LGD) puppies. This was just a hobby and a way to supply ourselves and friends with yummy food.

With all this room at the new house we quadrupled the number of chickens we have and have begun selling high quality eggs. We purchased 2 new gilts from our friend Kelly just before moving out here so we could start breeding. We currently have our first litter of KuneKune piglets on the way due 9/24/2019.

This property has a 4 stall barn and an arena that is currently overgrown with weeds therefore we just started our goat collection to help with that. We got our first 2 Nigerian Dwarf goats just over a week ago to help with all those weeds. I would like to put this barn to good use and start boarding horses for some extra income and to provide a service to all the new people moving to the growing economy of Reno with all it's wonderful new jobs.

This growing number of animals needs protection, we have reserved another Anatolian Shepard puppy (female) that we will be getting the beginning of October.

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