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Livestock Guardian Puppies

Future Litters

Enyo will be turning 2 years old in July 2022 and her health testing will begin then.  Pending favorable results she and Atlas will be providing the next generation of Armenian Gampr guardians.

Enyo pic_edited.jpg

Early Livestock Exposure

The pups here spend quality time with the pigs, chickens, goats and adult LGDs.  This allows us and the adult LGDs as well as the livestock to reinforce their natural instincts.

Fun With The Flock

Early exposure with positive reinforcement will help prevent the desire to chase the birds in the future.  We all know some young dogs like to chase things that run.  All our pups get plenty of exposure to the birds.


DOB: 8/2/2021

These 5 boys and 4 girls have made ranchers very happy at their new homes.  They have taken their training and are settling in nicely in their new roles.  It’s wonderful to get updates on all the pups from their new families.  

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